July 14, 2014 · Weddings

♥ Emerald Lake Wedding - Lauren & Donovan ♥

auren and Donovan created a colourful and stylish wedding at Emerald Lake Lodge that I feel lucky to have photographed. I normally have umbrellas in my car in case of rain but Lauren and Donovan's wedding day was a blue sky day with no threat of rain.

I was in love with Lauren's Kate Spade flats and her dress was gorgeous!

The groom and his groomsmen decided to participate in the good luck tradition of jumping in the freezing cold glacier fed lake the morning of the wedding. It was scorching hot that day so they were happy to jump in and in fact did so 3 times.

I was excited when I saw that Donovan chose Cabin + Cub cufflinks for himself and all of his groomsmen. Perfect fit for their lakeside wedding.

I loved this modern take on a wrist corsage by Kailee from Willow Flower Company. It is also nice for women not to have to pin flowers on their dress.

Lauren had chosen so many vibrant and thoughtful details. I loved that she made these seat reservation canoes herself. They look amazing and were a nice way to make people feel special when they found their seats for the ceremony.

These wood vows books created by Shanna of Pink Umbrella Designs were a beautiful touch during the ceremony.

Lauren had her sisters stand up as her bridesmaids with her. This was taken as they waited to walk down the aisle.

Donovan had everyone crying when they saw big tears streaming down his face as Lauren walked down the aisle.

A stunning blue sky day for their Emerald Lake viewpoint ceremony.

Lauren and her grandma share a special bond. Lauren's grandma stayed up dancing and partying with everyone. She had a huge smile on her face the entire day.

Quite possibly the CUTEST ringboy and flowergirl.

Gorgeous bouquet from Kailee at Willow Flower Company. I loved Lauren's colour choices which looked so vibrant with the lake.

I loved all of the details Lauren chose.

Lauren's sister presented her with a gift of a handmade "bib" to wear during dinner that reached the floor. Lauren's Mum had made it.

It was so hot inside that everyone moved outside in the shade for speeches.

Grandma danced with the bride.

A fantastic sparkler send off for the newlyweds!

July 13, 2014 · Weddings

♥ Sparkler send off ♥

July 13, 2014 · Weddings

♥ Lauren ♥

July 13, 2014 · Weddings

♥ Ringboy ♥

July 9, 2014 · Engagements

♥ Moraine Lake Engagement - Simon + Julie ♥

love it when couples find ways to include what they love to do together in their engagement session. Simon and Julie chose Moraine Lake as it's a place they love to hang out and Simon has done extensive hiking in the area. When they have time off you'll find Simon and Julie hiking and camping in the mountains together so it was fitting that they showed up in their hiking boots to a favourite place of theirs.

Perhaps it is because Simon and Julie have spent over a decade living in different countries and cities together or perhaps it is because they share a passion for science, what I found that stood out to me about spending some with Simon and Julie is that they laugh easily together. There is something simply joyful about being around a couple who laughs easily and often with each other. I found myself smiling all evening.

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