November 17, 2014 · Weddings

♥ Rainy Banff Wedding - Diana + Darren ♥
ometimes the things that are most unexpected are the things that make a wedding the most magical. Diana and Darren's intimate mountain wedding at The Juniper in Banff is one I will always remember. Diana and Darren had prepared for a winter wedding. Their wedding day had the heaviest rainfall I have witnessed. Diana and Darren's excitement to be getting married wasn't dampened by the rain and they embraced it fully even deciding to still hold their wedding ceremony outside under the dramatic mountain skies. Diana and Darren must of thought I was crazy for being so excited about the rain but I was giddy to get to make unique photographs that I haven't made before. They are some of my favourite photographs because of the rain. The big beautiful rain drops made for dramatic backdrops that I found inspiring and Diana and Darren stood in the rain keeping each other warm fully present with each other as if it was not raining at all. It was so heartwarming to witness. I feel incredibly grateful for witnessing such a beautiful day.
This deer must of been the official greeter for Diana and Darren's wedding as he was waiting in the parking lot when we arrived.
Stephanie Roy created absolutely stunning make-up and hair for Diana. There are not many make-up artists who can create a dramatic look while remaining natural and not too caked on. I've seen make-up applied so thickly that when the bride cried you could see the streak where her tear ran down her face. Diana's make-up looked stunning throughout the day and into the night.
Because we wanted to take advantage of the natural light and not have it be dark for photographs we set up a bride reveal before setting out for photographs. I knew that Diana and Darren had special presents for each other so I suggested that they give them to each other in person after their bride reveal.
Darren gifted Diana a heart locket with photos of each of them as babies side by side. It was such a sweet gift and Diana wore the locket on their wedding day. Diana gifted Darren a beautiful pocket watch with personalized engraving.
What struck me most was how Diana and Darren were so present with each other the entire day as if nothing else was going on around them.
Darren and his Mum just before the ceremony.
Darren and Diana's Mums were so very excited.
The ceremony got emotional and I loved that Darren and Diana were perfectly in sync and wiped their tears at the same time.
Shortly after becoming Mr & Mrs the newlyweds broke out in an epic battle. That's right Diana and Darren brought fully functioning light sabers that made amazing sounds and lit up when they made contact. Best $6.99 investment ever.
Diana and Diana created hot chocolate favours for each guest with a cozy maple leaf mug to enjoy it and then set up a hot chocolate bar with baileys, marshmallows and whip cream that everyone got to enjoy during cocktail hour after being in the chilly cold for the outdoor ceremony. It was perfect.
I adored their custom cake topper.
Diana and her Dad had a pretty rocking father/daughter dance. I commented on his dance moves and Diana's Dad told me "The mind is writing cheques that the body can't cash".
As we were leaving for the evening Diana and Darren suggested heading out on the patio in the rain for a few photos of the two of them. They ended up being my favourite photographs from the day. It is a moment I'll never forget.

November 16, 2014 · Published

♥ UPPERCASE Magazine ♥
am thrilled to share the blog post that UPPERCASE magazine wrote about Canoe Wedding today. Click here to read it.

November 13, 2014 · Weddings

♥ Moments of Gratitude ♥
There are magical moments at every wedding where I feel immense gratitude. I feel grateful for the couples who welcome me into a big moment in their lives and trust me to document those moments so that they can look back on them in the years to come. I feel grateful that I get to witness the very moment a couple becomes husband and wife with my husband standing by my side, there is something so affirming about that.

Diana and Darren had planned for a winter wedding but their wedding day brought the heaviest rainfall I have witnessed. They remained excited to be getting married and stepped out into the rain for photographs. Diana's dress was so wet from the rain that you could literally squeeze out the water and create a puddle. But their excitement never waned. They were so present with each other and every moment. It was inspiring to witness. I felt so lucky to be a part of something so special. The rain made their wedding special. Now every time it rains they will be reminded of their wedding day and huddling under an umbrella to keep each other warm.

At the end of the day after they enjoyed an intimate candlelit dinner with their families Diana & Darren asked if we could step outside for a photo before Kevin and I left for the evening. It was raining and yet they stood together as if they were the only ones in the world enjoying a moment. It's a moment I'll always remember. I feel so lucky to have witnessed it.

There are moments where I fall silent and the loudest sound is the sound of my camera clicking....this was one of those moments for me.

October 23, 2014 · Personal

♥ Steller Stories ♥
ave you heard about Steller Stories? It's an app on iTunes that's been out since March but I only just heard about it. I am in LOVE with it!

Steller Stories allows you to create stories on your iPhone using your photographs, text and video. I've seen people use it for photographs of their travels, to share recipes with photos and videos, creative projects and everything imaginable. It's a really beautiful format created with the intent of creating stories and sharing them on your iPhone.

For me I can never pick just one photo. I've always felt that a collection of photographs to tell a story is more powerful so Steller Stories works well for me.

You can find the free app on iTunes and then you can find me by searching users for orangegirl.

Are you using it? Have you created your own stories?
Click on the cover image below to see my Steller Story about our pups Leroy & Mabel.

October 20, 2014 · Personal

♥ Our photography show at Botega ♥
am very excited to announce that my husband Kevin and I just hung our very first photography show that features photographs made by both of us. I am thrilled to be showing work alongside Kevin as he inspires me daily. We've titled the show "Home" because it features work from the places we love in the mountains.

It will be up until November 30th so if you are in Banff please stop by.

It's installed at Botega salon at #105-211 Bear Street in the Bison Courtyard Banff. If you've been to Wildflour or Bear Street Tavern you know the courtyard.

It's a great way to purchase some affordable art to give away at Christmas. Our framed prints are all $250.

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