February 1, 2016 · Tips for brides

♥ 18 Essentials every Bride needs on her wedding day ♥
I always recommend putting together a little wedding day emergency kit to have with you in your room when you get ready. I have seen it all from the zipper on the bride's dress breaking as she gets into it and having to be sewn in, to a heel break as the bride was set to walk down the aisle and many other wedding day surprises.

Most of the weddings that I photograph are at locations where a corner store is not nearby or simply not an option so it's best to come prepared with everything you need.

Here are a few must haves:

  • Scissors Small and sharp! An absolute must have in the bridal suite.
  • Needle & Thread Hopefully you won't have to use it but if you need it you need it.
  • Extra Earring Backs I've been to a lot of weddings where an earring back gets dropped on the floor rendering the earrings useless so bring extra backs.
  • Sunscreen You don't want a burn that lives on in your wedding photographs forever. Besides arriving to your honeymoon with a sunburn is never fun.
  • Lint Roller for the boy's suits
  • Static Cling for bridesmaids' dresses
  • Pepto Bismol & Advil and anything else to settle tummies and headaches
  • Feminine Hygiene supplies
  • Band Aids for blistered feet
  • Krazy Glue or whatever else might work should your heel go astray.
  • Bug Spray
  • Stain Remover Somehow a groom's collar always ends up with lipstick on it from hugs. Better yet bring 2 shirts for the groom!
  • Crochet Hook if you have a dress with a million tiny buttons that do up with tiny loops
  • Safety Pins
  • Bobby Pins
  • Lipstick Extra tube of your wedding day lipstick for touch ups
  • Mints because gum always looks terrible in photos
  • Handkerchief for happy tears, looks much better than a wadded up ball of kleenex

January 20, 2016 · Weddings

♥ Emerald Lake Winter Wedding - Jen & Greg ♥
was thrilled to get to photograph Jen & Greg's cozy and romantic winter wedding at Emerald Lake Lodge. It was a stunning snowy day which was so beautiful for photographs. There were so many handmade details at their wedding which made it really sweet.

Jen's uncle made them this sign for their wedding gift using one of my photographs of Emerald Lake.
Emerald Lake Lodge is pet friendly so we were able to include Max and Maggie in wedding photos.
Jen's Mum made her this blue cape which was perfect for photos outside in the snow.
Greg found these beautiful brass lanterns online and brought them along so we could take a couple of night photos. It was snowing which made it feel like a snowglobe.

January 20, 2016 · Personal

♥ Cross Country Ski Emerald Lake ♥
evin and I feel extremely lucky whenever we are asked to photograph a wedding at Emerald Lake. It's particularly stunning in the winter. This week we took a mid week retreat and spent 2 nights at Emerald Lake Lodge. It was the perfect winter getaway. It was so quiet and relaxing. We were able to take our dogs Leroy and Mabel in one of their pet friendly cabins and spend evenings with a fire in our room playing backgammon and cuddling with the dogs.

During the day we walked around the lake with our dogs and cross country skied across the lake.
It was a Monday and we saw no one as we skied across a frozen Emerald Lake.
You can rent skis and snowshoes from Emerald Sports & Gifts right on the lake.
Parks Canada no longer does the track setting for cross country skiing at Emerald Lake due to budget cuts. The Field Kicking Horse Ski Club has taken on the hard work of track setting. You can help them in their efforts by purchasing a ski club membership for $40 at Emerald Sports & Gifts.
The honeymoon Pointe Cabin at Emerald Lake Lodge.
Leroy LOVES the snow!
I picked up some Christmas mantle supplies at Emerald Sports & Gifts.

January 13, 2016 · Weddings

♥ Emerald Lake Winter Wedding - J'Andrea + Jason ♥
ason & J'Andrea and their closest friends and family traveled from England and New Mexico to get married at Emerald Lake Lodge. They had told me that they wished it would snow on their wedding day and we were all thrilled when the morning of their wedding it was in fact snowing for them. I loved that Jason and J'Andrea chose to have a morning ceremony so we could take advantage of the beautiful winter light before sitting down with their guests for an intimate luncheon at Emerald Lake Lodge. After lunch they enjoyed drinks by the fire in the lounge and then everyone headed to Banff to watch a band at a local pub.

The newlyweds braved the cold for photos so we could take advantage of the winter wonderland. I was thrilled that Jason had a kilt made for his wedding day and J'Andrea's grandmother hand sewed her dress and cape for her to wear. J'Andrea's grandmother wasn't able to travel for the wedding so it was lovely to have her presence there in her beautiful dress work.
I loved Jason's paper flower boutonniere. If you look closely you can see the word husband on one of the inner petals.

January 12, 2016 · Personal

♥ Winter at Emerald Lake ♥
inter at Emerald Lake has to be the most magical place to explore. After our wedding yesterday we wandered around a little bit and took a few photos together just to take in the beauty. What I love about winter is seeing how the landscape changes daily depending on the weather. I can't wait to return there!

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