May 22, 2016 · Shoe Sunday

♥ Shoe Sunday ♥
This bride's tartan shoes couldn't be more appropriate for this Scottish themed wedding in the Castle of the Rockies. Click here to see more of their romantic Scottish wedding.

May 20, 2016 · Couples in Love

♥ Emerald Lake Rowboat ♥
en & David first met in Edinburgh Scotland before moving to Canada together. They are celebrating 5 years of being in love this week and so we met up for a romantic rowboat and picnic at Emerald Lake Lodge to mark the occasion. We were given a stunning day.

For those of you getting married at Emerald Lake Lodge you will recognize Jen as Emerald's own onsite wedding coordinator. You've likely been sending each other emails or have met in person for a tour. I've witnessed so many memorable moments at Emerald Lake with Jen so it felt really special to be able to document an important moment for Jen.
Jen was pampered by Hair & Make-up by Karen who created a beautiful retro inspired look for Jen that felt really natural. I loved the pop of red!
The talented ladies at Willow Flower Co. created a natural green garland for me to attach to the rowboat
Rowboat Garland by Willow Flower Co.
Jen's Hair & Make up by Hair & Make-up by Karen

May 15, 2016 · Shoe Sunday

♥ Shoe Sunday ♥
After they said I do these newlyweds skated on the iconic Lake Louise. Click here to see more from their intimate winter elopement at the Chateau Lake Louise.

May 10, 2016 · Personal

♥ Lake Louise has thawed! ♥
ur unusually warm spring meant that Lake Louise thawed about a month earlier than I've ever known. The boathouse opened on May 10th and we couldn't wait to get out to experience canoeing on Lake Louise for the first time. We went right when they opened at 11am and so we were lucky to have a beautifully quiet moment to ourselves out on the lake which was a really unique and special experience.

May 9, 2016 · Personal

♥ Wapta Falls ♥
e visited Wapta Falls for the first time on Mother's Day week-end and were in awe of this stunning place. Wapta Falls is a beautiful 25 minute drive from Emerald Lake and a short 2 km walk down to the falls. It's a perfect place to visit if you are staying at Emerald Lake Lodge or Cathedral Mountain Lodge given the short distance.

I wish I would taken photos of our walk down to the falls because the lush green forest was beautiful to walk through. We were surprised to find excellent trail conditions so early in the season making it a quick hike down to the falls. Once you arrive the sounds and sights of the crashing falls is amazing to witness. The photos really don't do it justice. We cooled off in the river and ate lunch and took it all in before heading home.

For detailed driving directions see the end of this blog post.
When you drive past Field or get on the highway from the road that leads to Emerald Lake set your trip odometer to 0. You'll drive out of the park and around the 33km mark or about 25 minutes you'll see billboards and on the righthand side you'll see Beaverfoot Rd. Take a right onto Beaverfoot Road and go under the highway and come back onto the highway to head back East. Go about 5 kms and keep your eyes peeled for the exit on the right. There is a exit lane but it's pretty short and easy to miss if you don't keep an eye for it. Drive up about 2 km and park at the trailhead.

If in doubt stop at the visitor's centre in Field and they can give you a map and detailed directions.

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