August 24, 2015 · Elopements

♥ Moraine Lake Lodge Elopement Will + Lindsey ♥
ill & Lindsey met in high school while volunteering at a senior center together. They flew from Ohio to Canada with their closest friends and family to make the commitment that they have shared together for years official by becoming Mr & Mrs in the mountains. They chose Moraine Lake Lodge for their intimate wedding and were given a dramatic day that photographed beautifully. I loved the stylish details that they brought along with them.

It was a quiet and peaceful evening at Moraine Lake as we hiked to the top of the rockpile for photos listening to the sound of Pikas. It started to rain just as we finished photos before Lindsey and Will joined their friends and family at the Maple Leaf for a private dinner.
Lindsey and Will's Moraine Lake Lodge cabin had a beautiful view of the lake.
Willow Flower Company created this flower crown for Lindsey.

July 27, 2015 · Weddings

♥ Emerald Lake Lodge Wedding | Susan + Mike ♥
usan and Mike have spent time hiking and canoeing in the mountains so Emerald Lake Lodge was the perfect fit for their intimate mountain wedding. They even brought their own canoe from home so we could take photos around Emerald Lake moments after they became husband and wife. I loved the dramatic day they were given with fog and rain and breaking sun and clouds. It was so romantic feeling and photographed beautifully showing off the colour of the lake.
There seemed to be hundreds of stunning swallows skimming the lake that day.
Susan and her Dad laughing during family formals.
A quick change from heels to vans and Susan and Mike got in their canoe and headed out on the lake.
The lake looked magical in the fog and clouds.
You can just see the Pointe Cabin on the bottom right where Susan and Mike spent a night watching a loon swim below.
The rain stopped and the sun broke through in time for the reception so guests could enjoy the patio and the beautiful mountain night.

July 27, 2015 · Weddings

♥ Quarry Lake Wedding | Kalena + Michael ♥
alena and Michael spend as much time in the mountains as possible walking their dogs and eating at their favourite restaurants so it was a natural fit for them to get married in Canmore and of course include their dogs. They started their day with a tea ceremony for their immediate family hosted at Michael's sister's mountain home. It proved to be an emotional start to the day because as family members sat down and were served tea by the soon-to-be Mr & Mrs they gave their words of advice for a happy marriage and they shared what the couple has meant to them. The room was soon all teary from the beautiful words shared and it made for a moving beginning to their wedding day.
Kalena and her mother shared tears.
After the tea ceremony Kalena changed into her gown for the ceremony.
Michael and their dogs Rusty and Lyla were waiting at Quarry Lake for everyone to arrive for the ceremony. They were given a stunning blue sky day.
Rusty was the ring bearer and carried the actual rings on a pillow on his back. Kalena had made rusty a collar from one of Michael's shirts and a pink bow tie to fit in with their theme.
We are lucky to have some of the most dramatic and beautiful aisles for a bride and her father to walk down.
Kalena's sister held Lyla who was the flower girl wearing a flower collar made by Kalena.
Kalena and Michael shared amazing vows with each other which included talk of dog poop.
Kalena and Michael danced down the aisle as husband and wife.
One of the wedding guests.
Kalena changed into white birkenstocks so she could easily walk around for photos.
Lyla and Rusty in their wedding attire.

July 25, 2015 · Weddings

♥ Emerald Lake Lodge Wedding | Nicole + Brendan ♥
first met Nicole & Brendan for their engagement session in Banff. I was inspired by the connection that they share. I remember distinctly at the end of our photo session sitting in my car looking through photos of their daughter Lily and seeing them beam with pride. To say that their daughter Lily is loved would be an understatement. Lily was going through some health issues which meant sleepness nights for Nicole and Brendan but their excitement and joy never waned. I was really looking forward to meeting Lily for the first time and getting to see Nicole and Brendan again. It proved to be an incredible wedding with so much love. Lily almost stole the show with her sweet spirit, expressive face and amazing dance moves.

Nicole and Brendan chose Emerald Lake Lodge as their venue and opted for the "Rent your own island" option which meant they had exclusive access to the lodge which made their celebration private and such an amazing experience for guests. The day had a great flow to it and Nicole and Brendan were so present throughout the day full of laughter and enjoying every moment with loved ones who had traveled to celebrate with them.
Nicole got ready in the Pointe cabin and I loved that she spent time out on the deck enjoying the view and seeing people canoe below.
Lily saw grandma helping mom into her dress and got to work. She had the gestures down perfectly as she pretended to do up mom's dress.
Nicole's Baba began growing the vine used in the matching mother/daughter flower crowns as soon as she heard that Nicole & Brendan were engaged. Nicole's mom wore the same vine on her wedding day.
Brendan and his groomsmen jumped in the lake before getting ready for the ceremony. It is a glacier filled lake so you can imagine how cold it is. I was surprised to see them jump in and swim out a fair distance given the cold.
We were lucky to have 4 generations of women present for a photo. Nicole with her daughter, mom and Baba.
Moments after becoming Mr & Mrs Nicole and Brendan headed out in a canoe on Emerald Lake.
Nicole with her father during the father daughter dance.
After the father daughter dance the DJ announced a song just for Lily and Lily instantly recognized it as her song. Lily and her Dad had some great dance moves they shared together.

July 3, 2015 · Personal

♥ Howdy! ♥
Happy Stampede from Leroy!

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