June 6, 2016 · Weddings

♥ Fine Art Heirloom Wedding Album ♥
am thrilled to announce that I will be offering hand made fine art wedding albums made with archival heirloom quality materials made right here in Canada. I've been seeking a hand made heirloom album company based in Canada and I am excited to have found a company to work with.

I just ordered my first sample and it's so beautiful in person. I commissioned a Calligraphy artist to create exclusive hand lettering for this album that was created as a die and embossed with silver foil on the album box and album. All of my album boxes will come with my custom Mr & Mrs embossing and albums can have their own custom lettering created for a personal unique touch.

You can choose to have your album created in linen, Japanese silk or leather. I have samples of all the fabrics that are available so it's worth meeting with me to see it all in person.

Starting off here is a photo showing the custom album box with the album inside. This is how it would sit on your coffee table.
Once you open the album box you can choose what ribbon to have as the pull to lift your album from it's box. I had the couple's name custom made for the album cover. You could also use your wedding monogram if you have one already made.
The album as it sits in the custom album box.
The custom album box on the left in Oatmeal Linen with the custom 9x12 album on the right.
Here a few of the fabric choices for your wedding album.

June 26, 2016 · Shoe Sunday

♥ Shoe Sunday ♥
Shoes to match her Oscar de la Renta gown from this elegant Post Hotel winter wedding. Click here to see her stunning gown.

June 19, 2016 · Shoe Sunday

♥ Shoe Sunday ♥
Handsome grooms wedding shoes from a magical winter wedding at Baker Creek. Click here to see their snowy first dance on the ice rink.

June 12, 2016 · Shoe Sunday

♥ Shoe Sunday ♥
Custom made socks for this bride's winter wedding. Click here to see this Bride wearing a batman mask on her wedding day.

June 8, 2016 · Tips for brides

♥ Framed Fine Art Canvas Prints ♥
love these Framed Fine Art Canvas Prints for getting your photographs off your computer and on your wall. They are so simple. They come ready to hang. This framed print is 30x40 hanging above my 5 foot loveseat to give you a sense of scale.

The frames come in white, gold, silver and black.

All you need to do is tell me what photo you would like and I can take care of the rest.

Get your photos on your wall where you can see them everyday and get joy from them.

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