July 28, 2016 · Weddings

♥ Park Distillery Banff Wedding - Hayley & Riley ♥
ayley & Riley handcrafted a wedding that was totally unique to them and unlike any wedding I have photographed yet. I loved how they gave their guests who had travelled from Belgium, Saskatchewan and Ontario a great experience of the mountains. Hayley & Riley's wedding was centered around wanting their loved ones to feel appreciated for travelling to celebrate with them. Everything from the ceremony, to the locations, the wedding favours and the party were all focussed on showing their loved ones how much they meant to them and sharing their love of the mountains with every hand picked and handcrafted detail.

Hayley got ready with her girls at the Banff Springs. We started their day off with a private first look and gift exchange before heading out to the mountains for photos. Their ceremony took place at the gazebo in Central Park and they were lucky to have the rain make a brief appearance just before their ceremony started.

I finally got to witness a ceremony by Barbara of Threshold Ceremonies and I loved how she wrote a personalized wedding ceremony that was filled with love stories from Hayley & Riley's life together. They included a hand fasting ceremony with a cloth made from fabrics dear to them and the words of their song sewn into the fabric. It was truly moving to witness.

After their ceremony we all walked down Banff Avenue to their reception at Park Distillery where they were greeted with steins of beer and trays of hot food. I've eaten at Park a bunch of times but this was the first wedding that I've photographed at Park and I absolutely LOVED it! It's such a great venue for a wedding.
A brief rain made an appearance just before the ceremony but cleared before everyone walked down the aisle.
The boys carried down the sash that would be used for the handfasting ceremony.
The sash that was used in their handfasting ceremony was passed around to each guest.
Fabric that was dear to them was used to make the sash for their handfasting ceremony and the words to their song was hand sewn across the sash.
After the ceremony we walked down Banff Avenue to Park Distillery for their reception.
Guests were welcomed to the reception with glasses of wine.
While the wedding party waited for their grand entrance they were served steins of beer and hot appetizers out on the patio.
Guests found their table numbers attached to seed packets to take home. Hayley had custom soaps made by O' Canada Soap Co. for guests to take home. There was a collection of mountain postcards for guests to be able to take home as well.
Every table had a vintage bottle indicating the table number and every centrepiece was different with custom terrariums and vintage Canadiana books.
I love that Park had a live feed of the speeches on several screens so that all of the guests could see and hear the speeches throughout the restaurant.
Easily the best food I've eaten at a wedding. I started with the corn chowder and chose the roast chicken with stuffed potato for my main course.
After dinner a HUGE pie table was set out for guests to help themselves.
Photography by Orange Girl
Getting Ready Venue | Fairmont Banff Springs
Ceremony Venue | Banff Central Park Gazebo
Reception Venue | Park Distillery
Ceremony by Barbara Parker of Threshold Ceremonies
Hair & Make-up by Simply Me
Flowers by Forget-Me-Not Flowers

July 24, 2016 · Shoe Sunday

♥ Shoe Sunday ♥
Orange laces made from climbing rope for this orange winter wedding at Emerald Lake for a couple who love to climb together. Click here to see more from this winter wonderland Emerald Lake Lodge wedding.

July 20, 2016 · Weddings

♥ Emerald Lake Lodge Wedding - Rebecca + Jason ♥
hen we arrived it was POURING rain. We were all a bit concerned about photos but then just as Jason & Rebecca shared their first look it stopped raining. I adored the fog that dressed up the trees and the rain made it such that we were given a quiet day at the lake. Family and friends all participated in Jason & Rebecca's wedding by making flower arrangements, playing music for the ceremony, making the birch arch and setting out the decor before guests arrived.

What I loved most about Rebecca & Jason's wedding was how present they were with each other and how excited they were to be getting married. Their first look was emotional and sweet and I felt lucky to see so much love.
Rebecca putting on the ring that once belonged to her grandmother.
We started their day with a first look before photos.
Their nieces and nephews made for the cutest ringboys and flowergirls.
Rebecca and Jason rented the gold chairs from Special Event Rentals and I felt it made such a big impact not only in the way they looked but also in how much more space they had.
I loved that they shared their first dance on the patio at Cilantro as the sun was setting.
Guests were invited out on the patio to make s'mores.
Venue | Emerald Lake Lodge
Officiant | Kim Chapman
Flowers | Bouquets by Willow Flower Co. Decor flowers by the groom's mother
Hair & Make-up | Botega
Macaroon Tower & Sweets Table | Whippt

July 19, 2016 · Tips for brides

♥ Wedding Day Emergency Kit ♥
ost mountain wedding venues don't have quick & easy access to a convenience store so it's really important to pack a little emergency kit to have with you as you get ready on your wedding day in case any fashion emergencies arrive. In my years of photographing weddings I've compiled a list of the most commonly needed items on wedding days.

Waiting 20 minutes for a hotel front desk to find and deliver a pair of scissors can cause a big delay so be sure to have a pair of scissors with you, it is rare that I am in a room photographing a bride getting ready where a pair of scissors isn't necessary. I would say scissors are the most commonly ask for item during wedding preparations.
If you have a wedding dress with little loops and tiny buttons a crochet hook can help in doing your dress up easily.
I have witnessed the zipper breaking on a wedding dress moments before the wedding ceremony several times. Having a needle and thread and a pair of scissors so the bride can be sewed into her wedding gown is essential should the zipper fail.
Here's my list of items to pack in your wedding day emergency kit:

  • Scissors Small and sharp! An absolute must have in the bridal suite.
  • Needle & Thread Hopefully you won't have to use it but if you need it you need it.
  • Extra Earring Backs I've been to a lot of weddings where an earring back gets dropped on the floor rendering the earrings useless so bring extra backs.
  • Sunscreen You don't want a burn that lives on in your wedding photographs forever. Besides arriving to your honeymoon with a sunburn is never fun.
  • Lint Roller for the boy's suits
  • Static Cling for bridesmaids' dresses
  • Pepto Bismol & Advil and anything else to settle tummies and headaches
  • Feminine Hygiene supplies
  • Band Aids for blistered feet
  • Krazy Glue or whatever else might work should your heel go astray.
  • Bug Spray
  • Stain Remover Somehow a groom's collar always ends up with lipstick on it from hugs. Better yet bring 2 shirts for the groom!
  • Crochet Hook if you have a dress with a million tiny buttons that do up with tiny loops
  • Safety Pins
  • Bobby Pins
  • Lipstick Extra tube of your wedding day lipstick for touch ups
  • Mints because gum always looks terrible in photos
  • Handkerchief for happy tears, looks much better than a wadded up ball of kleenex
  • Chapstick & Lotion It's very dry in Alberta so be sure to bring along your favourite chapstick and lotion

    What would you add to the above list?

July 19, 2016 · Weddings

♥ Heirloom Wedding Album ♥
believe it's important to print your photos. So many of us are used to having all of our photos on our computer and haven't experienced the joy of holding your photos in your hands. As a photographer I worry about the archival nature of digital media, afterall it wasn't that long ago that I provided images to couples on DVDs and now new laptops don't even come with a DVD player. I'm hoping couples are saving their images to new digital media whenever it becomes available. I think it's important to print your memories and have them accessible to you.

Heirloom quality fine art albums are a beautiful way to share your photographs. I love looking at my own wedding album every year, my wedding negatives are buried deep in a box from years of moving but our wedding album is always ready to be shared.

Here is one of my fine art albums. It's a 12x9 inch 40 page leather bound album in it's own custom album box. I commissioned a calligrapher to write the couple's names and that artwork was made into a metal die to be embossed on the album with silver foil. My albums are hand made by a small team of artists proudly made in Canada.

If you are interested in getting your photos off your computer and into your hands set up a time to come to my office in Canmore where I can show you all of the fabric and leather options available to you and you can see this album and others in person.

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