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December 7, 2014 · Elopements

♥ Emerald Lake winter elopement - Sheila + Erik ♥
heila and Erik eloped at Emerald Lake Lodge with just the two of them. They were given a romantic snowy day that looked stunning. As Kevin and I drove into Emerald Lake we were lucky to spot a mama moose and her baby eating side by side with snow falling around them. It was a beautiful sight and set us up for what we knew would be a magical wedding.

I was thrilled that Sheila and Erik chose to get married outside. It was so quiet with soft snow falling around them and no one but us to witness their private ceremony. I loved all of the laughter that Sheila and Erik shared that morning, it was a joyful day to get to witness.
Sheila and Erik got ready together the morning of their wedding and asked us to meet them in the lobby of the lodge. I was so excited when I saw them walking towards us, they looked stunning!
I loved that Sheila and Erik walked down the aisle together to get married. It was so romantic.
I was in love with their red details that popped against the snow and photographed beautifully.
Not only was Sheila's cape gorgeous it was also fleece lined and she wore mittens with hand warmers in them for their outdoor ceremony. Both Sheila and Erik wore long johns and winter boots to help keep them warm.
Isn't their ceremony setting absolutely gorgeous !?! It was so quiet and private. They were married in the morning which allowed us to take advantage of the best light for photographs. I was thrilled because when we stopped photographing the snow had stopped and I thought the snow made their wedding and their photographs even more magical and unique.
Sheila was absolutely gorgeous and had even done her own hair and make-up!
Love those red nails!
Emerald Lake was a winter wonderland.
We went inside so the newlyweds could sign their marriage certificate in warmer temperatures. Kevin and I were given the incredible honour of signing as their witnesses. I was so moved by that. There is something so powerful about working alongside my husband and getting to witness a couple start their marriage. It is reaffirming and inspiring. My heart was filled was immense gratitude.
Erik's proposal involved scrabble tiles so I brought out my scrabble set for a ring shot.
Long johns, warm socks and winter boots for this clever winter bride and groom.
Look at all that snow!
It was a peaceful magical day with soft snowflakes falling all around us. Because Sheila and Erik eloped with just the two of them it meant that I got to dedicate all of my photography time to photographing them. I was thrilled because being able to have that time to capture just them meant that I got to photograph in locatiions I normally don't have time for and set up shots I don't normally have time to do. It was an inspiring day photographically for me.
Emerald Lake does winter well.
Thank you Sheila and Erik for allowing us to be a part of your beautiful day. We were so honoured to witness your marriage. It is a day we will always remember.

January 31, 2014 · Elopements

♥ Storm Mountain Lodge Elopement - Tara + Mark ♥
ara & Mark decided to elope in the mountains and chose Storm Mountain Lodge for their wedding location. A week before their wedding was set to take place the Alberta floods happened and their home was badly flooded forcing them to postpone their wedding plans and work on ripping out their flooded basement.

What moved me was that Tara and Mark kept a really positive attitude throughout it all and we reset a date for September. September is one of my most favourite months in the mountains and I was thrilled that Tara & Mark were given an absolutely stunning wedding day.

You can watch a video of Tara & Mark taken the week their home was flooded by clicking here
Tara and Mark love to mountain bike together and do most of their grocery shopping by bike in the city so it was appropriate that Tara gifted Mark this awesome set of cufflinks that she found on Etsy of bike chain links.
We started their day off with a little bike ride of course. I was impressed that Tara could ride in her wedding dress and heels.
Colourful flowers by Willow Flower Company.
Rings made by Canmore jeweler Susan Kun.
Walking down the forest path to their ceremony together.
Tara and Mark wrote personal vows to each other and they were so moving. I was in tears and then laughed out loud. A truly memorable ceremony because it was so personal.
Avenue Magazine shared their wedding story. You can read the article by clicking here

September 15, 2013 · Elopements

♥ T + M ♥

June 28, 2013 · Elopements

♥ Emerald Lake Elopement - Cassie + Josh ♥
assie and Josh came up from Texas to Canada for the first time to elope in the mountains. They had only seen photographs of Emerald Lake but knew it would be perfect for their mountain elopement. Emerald Lake Lodge is an expert on mountain elopements and was the perfect choice for Cassie and Josh to officially become Mr & Mrs. Cassie and Josh were high school sweethearts and have grown up together supporting each others dreams and passions. They will be moving overseas for their next adventure and decided now was the perfect time to make the commitment that they have shared for over 14 years official and elope.
Cassie and Josh had a lot of really personal thoughtful details including the fact that Cassie's dress was made by a friend.
Josh and Cassie's families knew they were eloping and each gave them their wedding rings to have as their something borrowed. They tied the rings, tie clip and cufflink to the stem of Cassie's bouquet so they would have them with them for the ceremony.
Cassie showed her Texas pride by wearing cowboy boots. They were the perfect choice with a little something blue included.
Cassie and Josh tied out canoeing for the first time. They compete in Tough Mudder competitions together so they were not deterred by the rain.
Cassie and Josh love to visit breweries and wineries on their time off to try out different beers and wines so it was fitting that while it rained they head inside the lodge to sample a couple of Canadian beers and toast their newlywed status.
Cassie and Josh thank you for your kindness and allowing us to be a small part of your big day. We fell in love with Cassie's laugh and the way Josh is such a gentleman with everyone. We wish you all the best in your next big adventure.

June 26, 2013 · Elopements

♥ Banff Elopement Photographer - Cristina + Anthony ♥
ristina and Anthony came all the way from Florida having never been to Canada before to elope in the mountains. I am honoured that they chose me to take photographs of their elopement so that they could share their day with friends and family back home when they made their announcement. They took a train through the mountains and arrived in Banff where we met for the first time. I took them to a few of my favourite wedding locations in Banff and they chose Two Jack Lake for their ceremony.

It rained on their wedding day but Cristina and Anthony were in love with the romance of it and were so excited to be getting married. Cristina celebrated her birthday in Banff and Anthony had chosen the perfect birthday gift a pair of Hunter boots which came in handy on their wedding day.
I am in love with peonies which are only in bloom for a short period of time so I'm excited every time I see them.
The colour of the lake was more vivid than I have ever seen it. A ground squirrel greeted us as we arrived for their ceremony and was the only witness that morning to their intimate vows.
Cristina and Anthony share a beautiful connection that is wonderful to get to be around. They are both so supportive of each other's passions.
Their personal vows to each other were so moving. Spoken on the shore of the lake with the sound of the rain falling and fish jumping.
Anthony's birthday gift to Cristina of Hunter boots came in handy for walking around the mountains for photos.
The fog felt so romantic that day. It was unlike any wedding day I have photographed and I loved it.
I had told Cristina and Anthony that my favourite place was Emerald Lake and if they felt like a drive they should head out to there to try canoeing for the first time. Kevin and I love to spend our free time there so we were walking our dogs around the lake and had just come to the parking lot when we were surprised to run into Cristina and Anthony just arriving at the lake. Our timing was perfect. As Cristina and Anthony got into a canoe together for the first time we ran back to our car to get our camera and take a few shots. It was a beautiful day! Cristina and Anthony insisted that we join them for lunch at our favourite restaurant in Field and we were so happy to talk about their wedding week with them.

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