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March 16, 2017 · Elopements

♥ Emerald Lake Lodge Winter Elopement ♥
here had been a Yoho Blow in the early hours of the morning that left Field without power and had blown the snow out of the trees so when we approached Emerald Lake Lodge we were surprised and delighted to discover it was a living snowglobe for Casey & Jen's elopement. The soft falling snow was absolutely gorgeous and made it feel magical. There were so many moments where we were the only people outside or in the lodge which felt so peaceful and exactly what I would wish for an elopement.

I always tell brides that colour really photographs well for winter weddings so I was delighted to see Jen's stunning outfit and accessories which looked beautiful with the fresh snow. Kevin and I were honoured to get to sign as their witnesses and left feeling inspired.
Photography by Orange Girl
Venue | Emerald Lake Lodge
Hair & Make-up by Karen
Flowers & Cake provided by Emerald Lake Lodge included in the Elopement Package

January 23, 2017 · Elopements

♥ Storm Mountain Lodge Elopement ♥
find winter weddings in the mountains magical! Storm Mountain Lodge is one of my favourite places for it's cozy cabins, the ability to snowshoe from your front porch and yummy food in the historic lodge. I've long been dreaming up an inspiration shoot and I knew I wanted to imagine an elopement at Storm Mountain Lodge.

One of things that I wanted to express is that the use of colour for winter weddings really creates vibrant photos. White on white on white works beautifully when your backdrop is an emerald coloured lake to offer a crisp contrast but in winter when you are lucky to have a white winter wonderland then pops of colour really help to have you stand out from the snow. I love the idea of embracing the winter season and finding stylish and warm accessories for an outdoor winter ceremony so my first commission was to ask Yokoo to create one of her cozy sculptural cowls in my favourite colour orange.

For me one of the ideas that I love about eloping in the mountains is that you can splurge on having your dream bouquet or getting a whimsical cake that represents your day because you only need one bouquet and a small cake for two.
I absolutely LOVE Kake's skilled and whimsical approach to cakes which taste as incredible as they look. I love her birch bark cakes so I asked her to create a two tier birch cake and then sent her photos of the cabins at Storm Mountain Lodge and asked her to create a mini cabin to sit up top for a playful take on a snowglobe. Darci had the glass and created a snowglobe scene to perfectly fit on top of the cake. The base layer of the cake was 7" wide and the top layer was 5" but for a small cake it had a big impact.
I wanted the couple's dog Scout to be a part of the day so I asked Willow Flower Co. to create a floral dog collar that tied in with the bride's bouquet made of cedar, dried orange slices, fresh orange flowers from Holland and ribbon tails that matched the bouquet.
I asked Willow Flower Co. to create this lush wildchild bouquet using fresh orange flowers and dried oranges and orange slices with lots of cedar and long ribbon tails which smelled incredible and did well in the cold temperatures.
The talented husband and wife team behind Forage Haberdashery created this handsome orange flannel bow tie for us.
I found the vintage ski pin many years ago and have always wanted to include it as part of a boutonniere. Cedar and a dried orange slice tied the boutonniere into the bride's bouquet. A friend gifted me orange twine that I asked to have wrapped around the stems of the boutonniere.
The groom had this suit jacket from Brook's brothers and I found pants that worked well with it at Gap.
I've always believed in finding real couples to use as my models for inspiration shoots. Alanna & Ian were the perfect inspiring muses that laugh easily together and were a joy to photograph.
Adorn Boutique in Calgary carries a beautiful collection of tulle skirts in various colours and lengths. I love the soft blue tulle that contrasted the orange and stood out from the snow.
Hand knit mittens filled with hand warmers are a must on winter wedding days to keep your hands warm.
I love the idea of having layers to play with on a winter wedding day and to keep you warm. This vintage 1940's hand sewn wool cape from Big Yellow Taxi Vintage was a favourite find for me.
The warm cozy cowl from Yokoo comes in lots of colours and was big enough to fit over Alanna's updo without messing up her hair. It is so soft and cozy perfect for an outdoor wedding ceremony and keeping you warm and stylish during photos outside.
I asked Mountain Beauties to create a braided up to and fresh face make-up with a bold orange matte lip. I loved what she created.
If you're looking for a cozy romantic place to elope I adore Storm Mountain Lodge with it's fireplaces and clawfoot tubs. You can have food brought to your cabin or eat in the main lodge steps away. It's also a favourite honeymoon spot. A perfect retreat to soak in being married.
The blue tulle skirt was long enough to twirl in and conceal thermal long johns and winter boots to keep a winter bride comfortable while out for photos or standing for an outdoor winter ceremony.
I am incredibly grateful to the creative and generous wedding team who brought my vision to life with their talents. Immense gratitude goes to Alanna & Ian for being so inspiring and fun to photograph. We fell in love with your sweet well mannered and handsome boy Scout.

Wedding Venue | Storm Mountain Lodge
Flowers | Willow Flower Co.
Cake | Kake
Hair & Make-up | Mountain Beauties
Blue Tulle Skirt | Adorn Boutique
Orange Cowl | Yokoo
Bow Tie | Forage Haberdashery
Vintage hand-sewn Cape | Big Yellow Taxi Vintage
Mittens | Textile EMS

January 15, 2017 · Elopements

♥ Emerald Lake Winter Elopement ♥
anice & Kevin eloped at Emerald Lake Lodge in a perfect winter wonderland. It was absolutely magical! There was a softly falling snow and the trees were abundant in snow. Their ceremony was incredibly moving. I was honoured to sign as one of their witnesses before setting out to take photos around the lake. It was a quiet day and it we had the place to ourselves to wander on the frozen lake. Janice and Kevin kept us on our toes laughing and we left feeling absolutely giddy.
Emerald Lake Lodge has one of the best elopement packages I've heard of that includes a cozy cabin with a fireplace in your room, your flowers, dinner and sparkling wine in the main lodge and a cake for two to celebrate. They make it easy by taking care of it all so you can focus on becoming Mr & Mrs.
Venue | Emerald Lake Lodge
Officiant | Kim Chapman
Hair & Make-up | Mountain Beauties

September 24, 2016 · Elopements

♥ Banff Elopement - Emily & Christopher ♥
mily & Christopher had a magical elopement in Banff that was a highlight for me to witness this year. We started the day off with a first look followed by photos around Banff. They were chauffeured around Banff in the vintage 1952 Bentley from Highland Executive Chauffeur before arriving in a mountain meadow where an officiant and a solo guitar player waited for them. With Mount Rundle as their backdrop they said I do before sitting down to enjoy the picnic that LFW Weddings had set out for them which included a cake for two that matched the bride's dress custom made by Kake. Emily kicked off her Louboutins and sat down with her husband in the meadow to take in the views and eat cake together while Andrew Ibanez played guitar. We took a few photos before hugging goodbye as the Bentley drove them to dinner at The Rimrock.
Elopement Planner | LFW Weddings
Flowers | Fleurish
Cake | Kake
Hair & Make-up | Mountain Beauties
1952 Bentley | Highland Executive Chauffeur
Guitar soloist | Andrew Ibanez

July 18, 2016 · Elopements

♥ Emerald Lake Elopement - Jo + Chris ♥
hristopher and Jo planned a dream trip to the Canadian Rockies from the UK. They have been in love and dedicated to each other for 10 years and somehow in the midst of their trip planning they decided it would be the perfect place to elope! So they got married in the middle of their epic trip and brought along their wedding cake to share with friends who were meeting them later in the week to go rafting.

I was in love with Jo's gorgeous gown and stunning heels. I loved the thoughtful personal details that they brought along. When I remarked how much I loved their Ladybug Husband and Wife books that they brought along with them from the UK they gave them to me. That is the way they are...kind and generous people who welcomed us into their day. I feel so very lucky to have witnessed the moment they made their love official by saying I do.

We had a bit of everything for their day rain, sunshine and snow....yes snow!
Venue | Emerald Lake Lodge
Officiant | Kim Chapman

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