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June 19, 2013 · Vendors

♥ Nigel + Ronelle ♥
evin and I have been extremely fortunate to live next door to incredibly talented musicians. Nigel plays cello and also makes bows and his wife Ronelle plays violin.

Nigel opened a Luthier studio in a Banff cabin where he makes bows and his partner makes cellos, violins and violas. Kevin and I went to visit the Luthier studio and watched a cello being made. It felt like we had stepped back in time and it was amazing to see how involved the process is in making a concert quality instrument.

Nigel and Ronelle are now offering their musical talent for couples looking for wedding music in the mountains. They are working on putting together a website so I took a few photographs of them to use. In the meantime you can reach them for your wedding here.

June 15, 2013 · Vendors

♥ Gingko and Ink Atelier. Paperie. Gallery ♥
here is a new shop in my studio building that I'm really excited about. It's called Gingko and Ink and it's a paper studio with loads of beautiful handmade papers for bookbinding and other projects and lots of other beautiful supplies for art projects.

It's in The Harmony Lane Building in Banff at 111 Banff Avenue. You can find it across the hall from Bernard Callebaut. Chocolate and art supplies in one place!
There are beautiful origami papers and books on how to make origami.
Papers, cards, coloured pencils.
I love these up-cycled journals made out of old bingo cards. There are also journals made out of vintage books.
You can find postcards made by local artists, cards and art prints.
Handmade papers that are worthy of framing.
Colourful straws for garden parties.
Gingko and Ink is set up to host workshops. The first workshop by The Banff Snail Mail Society will held from 5-8pm on June 20th.
For $10 you will be given stationery, stickers, and stamps to write love letters on one of the vintage typewriters. When was the last time you sent off a love letter?

June 13, 2013 · Vendors

♥ The New Willow Flower Company ♥
ailee Weil first starting working for Leo at Willow Haven Flower shop when she was 11. In high school Kailee worked at Willow Haven doing whatever jobs she could to be a part of the shop. Leo sent Kailee to flower school in Holland to train and when she came back she worked at Willow Haven before moving to Vancouver to work in a North Vancouver flower shop.

When Leo announced that he would be selling Willow Haven to pursue opening a fashion store Kailee bought the business.

Kailee just opened the doors to her new Willow Flower Company location right beside Rapunzel's hair salon in Canmore. I stopped by the shop today to find Kailee busy assembling centre pieces for events and took a few quick photos to give you a sense of her beautiful new space.

You have to go check it out. I'm really excited about it.
Kailee at work assembling centre pieces.
Kailee had lots of great and creative containers for centrepieces.
I am thrilled to FINALLY see airplants available in the mountains. I fell in love with them in Vancouver when I visited so I was excited to see that Kailee is now carrying them at Willow Flower Company. I have one hanging in my window and would love a collection like this. They are so beautiful and really really easy maintenance.
Willow Flower Company also has a great selection of cards from one of my favourite shops in Vancouver, The Regional Assembly of Text. So nice to have some great cards in town.
Congratulations to you Kailee on your beautiful new space!!! You can find Leo in the same spot on main street in Canmore where he has now opened Vida fashion.

November 16, 2012 · Vendors

♥ Orange Wreath - Rebecca Dawn Flower Design ♥
I am super excited about Christmas and was thrilled when Rebecca Dawn from Rebecca Dawn Flower Design agreed to create a custom orange wreath for me. It makes me so happy to have it.

August 10, 2012 · Vendors

♥ Emerald Lake Invitation ♥
ocal Graphic Designer Shanna Cremers of Pink Umbrella Designs has been working on a line of Rocky Mountain wedding invitations and I was excited to hear that she wanted to feature my favourite place Emerald Lake.

Shanna reached out to me and asked if she could please have my permission to use one of my photographs as a reference point for her invitation, I was happy to give her permission and was shocked to see her finished Emerald Lake invitation later that same day!

Below is Shanna's finished invitation and the photograph that inspired her design is below that.

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