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April 5, 2011 · Vendors

♥ Nicole * Confetti Films ♥
first met Nicole and Trevor a couple of years ago when they filmed Jenna & Ross' wedding. Their work really moved me.

Nicole's films capture genuine emotions in a way that is unique to her gift of storytelling. She is passionate about weddings and about connecting with couples and telling their stories and it shows in her work.

We've developed a friendship over the last couple of years. I don't remember how the conversation started but it was decided that Nicole and Trevor would come out to Banff to visit with us and while they were here I would take a photograph of Nicole for her website. I was nervous to photograph a visual artist and Nicole was nervous about being photographed. Nicole reassured me by saying she only needed a single photograph for her website. Somehow those words set me free to feel comfortable and inspired.

As you can see here I ended up with more than a single photograph for Nicole. Our friendship inspired me.

Nicole teased me that a more accurate description for my portrait sessions should include the words "adventure photography" as we hiked into some of my favourite places in the snow.

You can read about the experience from Nicole's perspective here.

These are my favourite shoes that Nicole wears to weddings. They are worn with love.
Nicole you are beautiful. Stephanie Roy from in Banff did Nicole's hair and make-up for our shoot.
Nicole is a gifted storyteller. The lovely ladies at Icing Designs made a custom garland for me for our shoot. The word that always comes to mind when I think of Nicole's work is "Storyteller".
At some point in our conversations about the shoot Nicole told me that she is most comfortable in a toque. I commissioned the artist Yokoo to handmake a toque just for Nicole to wear on our shoot.
The week-end was the very first time I got to meet Nicole and Trevor's daughter. She instantly had me charmed. She has a sparkle and a sweet spirit that I loved being around. I'm sure Trevor and Nicole were really impressed with me when I suggested we head to Welsh's candy shop a Banff tradition right before what should of been bedtime.
Trevor works with Nicole on almost all of her films and he is an amazing support to her. They are a great team.
Nicole thank you for trusting me to take your photograph. I am grateful for our friendship and the inspiration it gives me.