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May 21, 2012 · Weddings

♥ in loving memory ♥
eather's brother passed away only a short year before her wedding day and she let me know from the first time we communicated that his absence would be felt deeply by their family at the wedding. They are a very tightly knit family with a lot of love for each other. I was told by Heather's sister that their brother was the kind of person who brought sunshine with him everywhere he went. It seemed very fitting then that Heather and Rene's wedding day was a gorgeous sunshine filled day. It was an absolutely stunning day.

Heather found some beautiful and personal ways to honour the memory of their brother on her wedding day.

Guests were invited to take home tree seedlings in loving memory of their brother to plant.
Heather made the bracelet that she wore on her wedding day. Inside the charm on her bracelet were words that Heather wrote to her brother.
The tree seedlings that were wrapped with burlap with a note about their brother for guests to take home and plant.
Their cake table featured a portrait of their brother.