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April 21, 2017 · Personal

♥ Our 16th Wedding Anniversary ♥
oday I get to celebrate 16 years of marriage with Kevin. What strikes me the most is how impossibly lucky I have been to be Kevin's wife for 16 years and how grateful I am for the life we have shared together.

As I sit down to write this blog post it occurs to me how few photos I have of Kevin and I despite our 18 years of being together and I am reminded of the saying about the cobbler's children having no shoes :)

Kevin and I often spend our walks with our dogs talking about the things we are grateful for and how lucky we feel to live in the mountains and be doing work that inspires us in so many ways. Getting to witness couples sharing their vows with each other with my husband by my side is inspiring to say the least.

Kevin is the biggest gift in my life. Kevin is kind, funny, thoughtful, compassionate and the most supportive person I know. I feel lucky to know Kevin's witty humour and wisdom. I seek his wisdom in all aspects of my life and he has proven to give thoughtful advice when I need it most. I trust him wholeheartedly with my heart and for that I feel lucky.

We celebrated our anniversary with a combination of all my favourite things, a walk with our dogs in the mountains after a beautiful fresh snowfall, tacos and talks about our years spent in California eating endless amounts of burritos together because it was the cheapest and tastiest food we could find and picking out plants for our shared passion for growing things. I have a black thumb but have found myself recently obsessed with succulents and cacti for their sheer ability to survive my care.

I am most of all today surprised. Surprised that 16 years have flown by so quickly. Loving Kevin has been easy and the best part of my life. He has shown me a kindness and love no one else has ever gifted me and I never take that privilege for granted.

I think that may be the secret to marriage... a whole lot of kindness, thinking of each other in all decisions and never taking for granted the love that person gives you.

Thank you to the couples who trust us to capture those moments when you share your vows with each other to be remembered for the years ahead. Today I feel grateful as I celebrate my own anniversary and marvel at how lucky I have been to share it all with Kevin.
Photos by Luke Raymond
Photo by Patrick Smiley
Photos by Steve Bebb