I love that couples are opting to personalize their wedding guestbooks. I had a traditional guestbook with lines for people to sign at my own wedding and I have to admit that I have never looked at it, in fact I can't tell you where it even is. I love wedding guestbooks that are something that you will look at often. Here are just a few from weddings that I've seen that I thought were creative guest book ideas to share with you.


I LOVED this polaroid guest book! The bride's sister made some totally adorable Banff inspired props and set up a sheet backdrop so that guests could have fun taking their own polaroid photos to be included in the guestbook. Right beside the homemade photo booth the guest book table was set up with markers and photo corners so guests could attach their polaroid and write beside their photo. I think this is a guestbook that would be looked at often and get even more valuable as time passes.


A creative way to have a wedding guestbook that you'll look at often is to pick an object that you'll have in your home on display.

This Shot Ski wedding guestbook was signed by guests and will be used in their home moving forward.

For a couple who loves to canoe together this paddle wedding guestbook will look very handsome hung up in their home.

These Jenga loving couples had guests sign game pieces for their guestbook that will be used on game nights to come.


This couple loves to collect & enjoy wine so their anniversary wine guestbook was a perfect fit. They chose wines for their 1st, 2nd, 5th & 10th Wedding Anniversaries. Guests signed the bottles that will be opened and enjoyed by the Mr & Mrs on future wedding anniversaries.


One of my favourite guestbook's was a postcard guestbook where the couple had collected vintage and modern postcards from the destination where they were getting married for guests to sign. They attached custom postage stamps using photos from their engagement session. My favourite part of the postcard guestbook is that the sister of the bride took all of the postcards home with her and mailed a new postcard every week for the first year of the newlyweds marriage. I love the idea of receiving a postcard every week for your first year of marriage from the loved ones who celebrated with you as you became Mr & Mrs.

A nice touch is to have custom postage stamps made using your engagement photos.

I like the idea of asking your married friends to share their marriage advice with you.


If you are someone who loves to collect coffee table books then a simple wedding guestbook idea is to choose a coffee table book that you love and have your guests sign the pages. This couple picked up a coffee table book that features photos of Banff and had guests sign that.


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