BRIDES Real Talk Real Tips

December 9, 2019

Kirstie Tweed/Orange Girl

There are some unique things to think about when getting married in the mountains that I want to share with you so you can consider these tips while you plan your day. Here are some honest tips to help you enjoy your day to the fullest.

  1. Find a dress that you can move in When brides try on dresses in a bridal shop they often have you stand on a pedestal while they pin you perfectly into place and adjust every ribbon and fan out your train perfectly. But that is not how you will experience your dress on  your wedding day. You'll be walking down the aisle, you'll likely be hiking a bit for photo locations, you'll sit down to eat. When you are trying on dresses try walking in it, sit down in it. Can you walk without getting annoyed? Will you be able to sit down for dinner and still breathe in that dress or not have bones poking you in the ribs? Does the smallest movement require stopping to adjust your dress? If yes move on to another dress. It's possible you'll spend upwards of 12 hours in your dress if it drives you insane or makes you uncomfortable it could be a real distraction on your wedding day. Some dresses are best left to ballroom weddings where you never step outside. Lastly be honest with yourself. If you have insecurities about your body choose a dress that highlights your favourite features and minimizes your insecurities. If you think you have a tummy that you don't love, don't pick a mermaid dress that will highlight it all day. Choose a dress that you feel gorgeous in without having to fidget & adjust all day.
  2. Underwear What you wear underneath your dress is almost as important as picking your dress. You simply can NOT leave it until your wedding day to try on your underwear with your dress for the first time when it's too late to fix the issue. You need underwear that is comfortable and not visible and something you don't feel you need to adjust with every breath. The moment you get your dress back from the shop try on your underwear and make sure it all works together. Don't trust what anyone tells you try it on before your wedding day. Some underwear meant to shape you will cause unflattering bulges where there weren't any before.
  3. Hair & Make-up Stylists One of my biggest frustrations is that Hair & Make-up Stylists are often late showing up on the morning of the wedding or they run longer than they estimated in getting everyone ready. If Hair & Make-up runs late your entire day will be off schedule and it could mean losing out your valuable photography time. I have had weddings where we scheduled 2 hours for photography and ended up with only 30 minutes due to hair & make-up running late. That has a big impact on your final wedding day photographs. Make sure you tell your hair & make-up stylists what time you need to be stepping into your dress NOT your ceremony time. And book in extra time in case there are distractions that interupt your stylist from being able to do their work. Assign someone to answer questions while you are in the make-up chair so your stylist can do their work without interuption. Confirm with your stylist the week of your wedding what time you need them to arrive and what time you need to be stepping into your dress. A lot of the Beauty companies contract out individual stylists and the communication between the company and the actual stylist who is assigned to your day can mean a mix up on timing.
  4. Choose a hair style that works with the wind It can get windy in our mountain meadows. Those lovely romantic long strands of hair on the side of your face might end up driving you crazy if they are being whipped around in the wind. Choose a hair style that won't annoy you if it moves in the wind.
  5. Veils & Wind I love long veils and they way they photograph in the wind but I have to admit that 80% of brides end up wanting to rip them out after the wind catches hold of them and tugs their head. Veils look gorgeous but they are a serious commitment. Again when you are in the bridal shop with no wind and standing perfectly still they look gorgeous but imagine it in the wind and decide if it's right for you.

Hello my name is Kirstie and I am a wedding photographer who specializes in photographing intimate weddings & elopements in Calgary, Banff, Canmore & Emerald Lake. I’ve been photographing mountain weddings since we moved to Banff in 2004. I lived in the mountains for 17 years before moving to Calgary in 2021. On days off you'll find me spending time with my husband Kevin and our 3 rescue dogs Mabel, Olive & Bandit.