Butterfield Acres

May 10, 2021

Kirstie Tweed/Orange Girl

Kevin and I had an incredible time at Butterfield Acres during their opening week. The excitement started for us the moment we pulled into the parking lot and the goats ran up to the fence and the roosters welcomed us with their rowdy sounds. If you grew up in Calgary you likely have fond childhood memories of this place from school field trips and I would encourage you to re-visit it if you haven't. It remains a magical place to get to see and interact with farm animals. We were lucky to visit just as they were allowed to re-open with limited guests due to covid restrictions. What this meant for us was a really special experience with very few people there so we really got to enjoy the animals without the crowds that are typical during normal seasons. We were so grateful for our incredible experience!! Our visit was the joy filled happy distraction we needed. Thank you to Butterfield Acres for a magical couple of hours! We can't wait to go back!!!

Please note that Kevin & I wore our masks for our entire visit. I asked Kevin to take his off for a few photos with the goats while we were the only people in the goat pen.

A real life Peter Rabbit!

***If you would like to visit you need to book your visit online where you will be given a choice of a 2 hour window for your visit. Masks are mandatory! There are water & soap stations at every activity pen to wash your hands before and after you visit the animals. Only 1 family household is allowed in each activity pen at a time. Because of covid their concession stand is not allowed to open so plan accordingly so no one is hangry (we made sure to eat lunch before we drove to Butterfield Acres). If you have them wear rubber boots. I didn't wear rubber boots myself but I noted the regulars did and that was a smart idea.


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