James & Isabelle's Emerald Lake elopement was MAGIC!!! When we were driving to Emerald Lake it was POURING rain. I have to admit I felt a bit crushed because I really wanted their day to be perfect after having to postpone their day due to covid. But I knew that after having to wait months for the day that they could officially become Mr & Mrs that no amount of rain would dampen their excitement. We were all prepped for rain with a collection of 10 umbrellas at our disposal. Just as James & Isabelle were set to walk down the aisle together the skies cleared and the rain stopped. It was perfectly on cue and incredible to witness. 

James & Isabelle's mountain elopement felt so peaceful. The air carried the scent of wildflowers, loons called out during their ceremony, wildflower blooms lined the pathways and the mountains stood witness to celebrate as they shared the most beautiful personal vows. Their excitement as they slid those rings on and were pronounced husband & wife was moving. It was a day worth waiting for.

James had the ring box that was used at his sister's wedding for their mountain elopement. A lovely way to feel their family's presence. 

I was very excited to see Cassie again. Their sweet puppy joined them for the day and I was thrilled.

After months of uncertainty and changing plans it was really special to get to see these two walk down the aisle together.

The mountains revealed themselves in time for their ceremony and greeted them at the top of the aisle. Magic!

It was blissfully peaceful with only the call of the loons heard across the lake. 

My favourite part of their day was the personal vows they shared with each other. They were the kind of vows that can only be written after 7 years of living with & loving each other. They were filled with humour, emotion, dedication and the gift of really knowing and appreciating each other.

Months of uncertainty were worth waiting for this moment.

The moment they were pronounced husband & wife!

That new ring feeling.

Signing the paperwork & making it official took on a whole new meaning.

The text on this umbrella is worth googling.

James & Isabelle originally planned an intimate mountain wedding with their families travelling to celebrate with them in a place that they adore. Covid came in swiftly and those plans had to be put on hold. Emerald Lake Lodge was closed, the National Parks were shut down and the mountain towns declared a state of emergency. Yesterday was a gift. James & Isabelle offically became Mr & Mrs at the place that is special to them. The absence of their families was lessened by the gifts their loved ones sent along with them. Isabelle's sister arranged for a surprise picnic lunch for them to enjoy on their wedding day, James' sister gave them something borrowed with the ring box from her own wedding, the elopement a gift from family. I set up my tiny tripod so Isabelle could record the ceremony on her iPhone to send to everyone. When it is safe for their loved ones to travel again they will celebrate with gusto with a family ceremony & dinner in the mountains. 


Hello my name is Kirstie and I am a wedding photographer who specializes in photographing intimate weddings & elopements in Calgary, Banff, Canmore & Emerald Lake. I’ve been photographing mountain weddings since we moved to Banff in 2004. I lived in the mountains for 17 years before moving to Calgary in 2021. On days off you'll find me spending time with my husband Kevin and our 3 rescue dogs Mabel, Olive & Bandit.