Penguin Walk at the Calgary Zoo

February 1, 2022

Kevin Tweed/Orange Girl

Kirstie and I had the good fortune of being able to see the Penguins do their daily walk at the Calgary Zoo last week! They do a short 15 minute walk every weekday morning if weather permits and we happened to pick a beautiful day in which they could walk and most all of them decided to come out and show off their waddle!  We learned that when Penguins go for a walk together that it's called a Waddle!  These King Penguins are absolutely beautiful and so mesmerizing to watch.  The Zoo staff are incredibly friendly and very informative.  It was such a fun day at the Calgary Zoo and we even got to see the Penguin Chick go on its very first swim!  You can see some of the photos below where the Chick has a wet belly, they said that it is unusual for them to swim at that age so we were lucky to have seen a Penguin swim, or at least try to swim, for the first time!  You can find more information on the Penguin Walk here.


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